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10-Minute Extreme Junk Drawer Makeover

We all have one – that drawer that inevitably gets filled with useless stuff that we rarely give a second thought to. (It’s called a “junk drawer” for a reason!)

Do you have 10 minutes? Let’s clean it out.

● FIRST take everything out and spread it out so that you can actually see it.
● THROW OUT anything that’s broken.
● MOVE things that belong somewhere else (and really put them away!).
● Now get ruthless. Is there stuff in there you haven’t used, seen, or thought about for 12 months? TOSS it. You don’t need it.
● PARE DOWN what’s left. How many rubber bands do you need? Paper clips? Pencils? Keep a few and get rid of the rest.
● Before you put everything back, CLEAN the drawer using all-purpose cleaner

Voila! Clean drawer. Enjoy it, and repeat this makeover in 6 months.



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