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Back to Basics: What’s the Best Laundry Load Size?

How much laundry can you put in single load? You want to aim for full loads when you do your wash, which will save energy, water and your time. However, overloading your washer or dryer could damage these expensive appliances or keep your clothes from getting clean. So how full is too full?

The trick to loading the washing machine is to leave room for it to agitate. Do not stuff or push clothes in and leave several inches at the top of the machine. It can help to put in clothes one by one or in small batches instead of one giant armful. That way, you can also be checking the garment tags to make sure you’re following the care instructions. Do the same with the dryer to get your clothes dry efficiently, extend the life of the appliance and ensure that anything that should line-dry gets removed to dry separately and extend its lifespan.

Get more laundry tips and advice at https://www.cleaninginstitute.org/cleaning-tips/clothes/laundry-basics. Be sure to share this link to anyone just starting out doing their own laundry, too, so they don’t have to learn the hard way!



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