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Cleaning Touchscreens

During the last year or two, contactless payment and service options have popped up everywhere. Often, this involves using an app on your phone or tablet and arranging for deliveries or curbside service. Sometimes, it means interacting with a kiosk. Whatever screen you use, here’s how to stay safe and clean:

Public Touch Screens

Practice good hand hygiene when using a public kiosk. This can mean either washing hands with soap and water or bringing hand sanitizer with you to use after touching the screen. Also, look for kiosks where safety precautions have been taken, like those with clear covers and with hand sanitizer nearby.

Personal Touch Screens

Clean your phones and tablets regularly. We touch so many things in addition to our phones every day. It’s easy to spread germs to this surface. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Usually, this can be done with a microfiber cloth and disinfectant wipe, gently applied while the device is off. If you have a case, remove your phone from the case and clean and disinfect both the cover and the phone itself. Regular handwashing can also help keep your phone from collecting grime and germs in the first place.

Your cell phone can have 10x more germs than the average toilet seat. And a public kiosk can be touched by hundreds of people every day. Cleaning is caring, for your health as well as the health of your family and your community, so stay in the habit of keeping your hands and devices clean!



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