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Conserving Water While Cleaning

World Water Day, held on March 22, focuses on valuing water. To celebrate we are providing some tips and tricks to conserve water while cleaning your home.

Kitchen Cleaning:

  • Use a dishwasher. Modern dishwashers use less water compared to washing dishes by hand. Remember to run a full load to conserve both water and electricity.
  • For cleaning greasy pots and pans, instead of scrubbing them under running water, soak them in soapy water. Soaking not only makes cleaning easier for you, it will save water because you will be able to remove the grease more efficiently.


  • When using a washing machine, adjust the water level to the level of the load.

Bathroom Cleaning:

  • Clean the bathroom while washing yourself. After taking a shower or a bath, you can reuse the water for cleaning.

The best way to save water while cleaning is to use water efficient appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine. Also, make sure that all taps are working properly and that there is no leakage. Then keep the fittings and appliances in your home clean and working their best to ensure efficient water use.

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