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Creating Your Cleaning Products Together

The companies that make our favorite cleaning products are innovating all the time. Whether it’s making a more effective detergent or designing packaging that’s more sustainable, scientists and staff are creating cleaning products that increasingly meet the needs of consumers and the planet. One of the key components of an innovative workforce is a diverse and inclusive team. That’s why on this #STEMDay, we’re celebrating the vital role of diversity in innovation!

According to research, organizations with inclusive cultures are six times more likely to be innovative and twice as likely to meet or exceed their financial targets. Here’s what companies in cleaning product supply chain had to say about why diversity, inclusion and innovation are so important to them:

“BASF knows the importance of engaging young students in science at an early age. Through inspirational program from preschool through high school, we provide hands-on learning that helps today’s students become the innovators and leaders of the future. At the same time, diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of our corporate values of creativity, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. Our Diversity + Inclusion programs foster an inclusive workplace encouraging real engagement among all our employees, to help us deliver on our aspiration to be the leading chemical company for our customers.”

– Daniele Piergentili, Vice President, BASF Home & Personal Care, North America.

“The future is in cleaning brands that innovate to meet the growing expectations of increasingly diverse consumers. To effectively address their needs, it’s important to bring together different perspectives and experiences, with our employees reflecting the consumers we serve. We know an inclusive and diverse workplace will help us foster innovation and drive Good Growth for Clorox.” 

– Diana Escoda, Vice President of Cleaning Innovation and R&D at The Clorox Company

“It’s not uncommon to host a meeting at MonoSol with colleagues whose native languages include Japanese, Chinese, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and, of course, English. We are a global team that reflects the diversity of the world in which we live. Diversity, inclusion and innovation are inseparable because they require much the same mindset and skills. True innovation always puts the needs of the other first. Real creativity requires us to listen with intent, think beyond ourselves, challenge our own assumptions and break down barriers that constrain our imagination about what’s possible. We wrestle with diverse ideas, engage in candid conversation and push each other outside of our comfort zones. When lived out personally and professionally this amplifies diverse voices, supports professional development and enhances employees understanding of themselves and others – creating a more inclusive culture and delivering more innovative outcomes.”

– Matt Vander Laan, Vice President Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, MonoSol, a Kuraray Division

“At Novozymes, we greatly value the diversity of our Zymers and are firmly committed to fair and equitable treatment for everyone. Racism, discrimination, and hate have absolutely no place in our world. We strive to be an inclusive company that greatly values diversity – and remains founded in strong values. Meaningful progress and action are fundamental to ensure that all of our employees can openly and proudly be their authentic selves every single day. Working together, with our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view, will drive us toward only greater success in biological innovation.”

– Brian Brazeau, President of Novozymes North America, Vice President, Agricultural & Industrial Biolsolutions, Americas



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