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Did You Forget to Clean This?

ACI’s latest National Cleaning Survey revealed some interesting facts about our cleaning habits or lack of them! We learned that about one-third of us don’t believe we are cleaning everything in our homes often enough. So, we thought we’d provide a few fast and easy tips for cleaning up around the house – in focusing on those places we likely don’t have time to clean regularly or don’t remember to do often enough.

  • Door knobs – These are perhaps the things we touch most often, every day. So, grab a wipe or sponge at least once a week and get rid of germs that can be transferred from person to person. (Icky!)
  • Bed linens – According to the survey, 23 percent of people couldn’t remember the last time they washed their sheets. (Scary.) So, when you get home today, throw your sheets in the wash!
  • The abandoned guest toilet – Those of us who have guest bathrooms may not use them very often, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a quick cleaning!
  • The germ-factory fridge – It’s not the most fun job, but getting rid of spoiled or expired food and wiping down the shelves is, perhaps, one of the healthiest ways you can keep you and your family healthy!


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