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Doing These 3 Things at Home Can Help Protect the Oceans

Thanks to, people around the world are celebrating the oceans by hosting activities and events to protect our shared resource. To honor the ocean on this and all days, the cleaning product industry would like to remind everyone of small ways we can change our habits to help make a difference.

Save Water – In addition to turning off the tap when you wash or brush, here are some less apparent ways to save water when we clean.

Save Energy – Aim for full loads of dishes and laundry and use the right water temperature (wash in cold when you can!), among other ways.

Reduce Waste – There are lots of ways to reduce waste, including recycling, using all of the cleaning product in a container, and product refills. Find more ideas here.

You also can learn about the ways that members of our manufacturing community are driving improvements in sustainability across our industry by creating products that are environmentally and economically sound.



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