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Getting Gum Off of Surfaces and Fabrics

Getting chewing gum where it doesn’t belong can be a sticky situation. It can be hard to get off of fabrics and surfaces and can attract more grime. Use these tips when gum gets away from you:


  • Freeze: Especially for fabric, a quick stop in the freezer can harden gum and make it easier to scrape off with a dull butter knife.
  • Pretreat: Apply a stain remover to anything left that you can’t get out, then let it sit so the formula has time to work.
  • Launder: Wash as usual, following the care instructions. If there is still any gum or stain, repeat the pretreating and laundering. Do not put it in the dryer until the stain is completely gone.

Surfaces (soft)

  • Freeze: You can’t put it in the freezer, but you can apply an ice cube. Then scrape off the excess.
  • Treat: Use a stain remover formulated for the surface and follow the directions on the label. Give the product time to work then blot with a dry, clean cloth until absorbed unless directed otherwise.

Surfaces (hard)

  • Freeze: Like the soft surfaces, start with an ice cube to make sure the gum is hard, then scrape off what you can.
  • Treat: Use warm, soapy water or an all-purpose cleaner to gently clean the surface.


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