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How to Clean a Bathing Suit and Summer Gear

Summer is a time when everyone wants to kick back and relax. Here are some tips to help you keep suits and summer stuff clean and lasting longer despite sun, sand or chlorine:

Sandy Beach Chairs

Give the chair a good brushing or a vigorous shake to remove sand and then hose it down. You can wipe it dry with a soft cloth or – even easier – leave it outside to dry. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before putting it away so there’s no chance of mold or rust.


Sunscreen can get on clothes, bathing suits, canvas beach chairs and poolside cushions. If the item can be laundered, treat it with a prewash stain remover and then launder with the hottest water that’s safe for the fabric. If it can’t be laundered, check the manufacturer’s care instructions for the fabric.

Bathing Suits

While it’s tempting to simply hang bathing suits out to dry because they will just be used again, left-in chlorine and sunscreen can cause fabric and elastic to deteriorate before their time. Minimal care is to thoroughly rinse them, then laundering is preferable. Check the swimsuit’s care label for laundering instructions. Lay flat to dry.

Water Toys

Whether you take them to the beach or the pool, be sure to keep water toys clean, as a build-up of algae and mold can develop simply from being in a wet, damp environment. Get more information on how to clean water toys.

Outdoor Cushions

Fabrics designed for outdoor use are generally soil-and stain-repellent, but this doesn’t mean they are 100% impervious to spots and spills. Since treatment is dependent upon the fiber content of your cushions, check the care label and, if necessary, contact the manufacturer. Many manufacturers of outdoor fabrics have information on their websites about how to properly care for their fabrics. If you have a few minutes on a rainy day, you might just go ahead and download this information so you’ll have it on hand when you need it.



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