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How to Clean a Front Load Washer

Front load washing machines are efficient and stylish, but as with anything in our homes, should be cared for to get optimal performance. Here’s a quick ‘how-to’ for properly cleaning these amazing appliances.

  • Wipe down (and dry) the inside of the washer with a clean sponge. It’s recommended that you leave the door open after you clean it and after each wash to let it air out so that moisture doesn’t get trapped inside.
  • Clean the gasket (the rubber seal that you can find around the ring of the drum). Pull down the gasket and wipe the inside with a clean cloth. If you see mildew, use a disinfectant on the sponge to wash it away. If you have time, wipe the gasket after each load.
  • Once a month, run a cup of bleach through the wash cycle using hot water or use your washer’s cleaning function. You also can buy a cleaning product specially made to run through the wash cycle of a front load washer.
  • Remove and clean the dispenser dish. Simply run it under warm water or use an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Always use the right detergent in the right amounts for your loads! Most people don’t use the recommended amount, often use too much, which can actually leave your clothes less clean.




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    Tori Raddison

    Thanks for the tip about wiping down the gasket after each load of laundry to prevent mildew and other things. I usually do all my laundry on Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll have time to do it. It’ll be good to keep the washing machine clean so that my clothes stay clean.


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