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How to Recycle Household Cleaners

Do you know how to properly dispose of your cleaning products after you’re done using them? Here’s a guide to help point you in the right direction:

First, check the cleaning product to see how much is left and when it expires (yes, cleaning products can expire!). If there’s a lot left and it’s still good, you could keep using it until it’s gone. If you no longer want it, consider donating it or giving it away.

If you need to dispose of anything left, check the instructions on the label. Many products can be poured down the drain with the water running. If you have more than one bottle, wait between pouring so that they don’t mix. Solid products, like wipes, can be put in the trash.

Then, look for the recycling symbol and corresponding instructions about how to manage the different elements of the packaging. You can learn more about them from How2Recycle. Generally, the rigid plastic bottles your cleaning products come in are widely recyclable. Spray triggers and pumps are more difficult to recycle, so check the label for instructions or your local recycling authority. Cardboard containers can be collapsed and included with the rest of your cardboard recycling. Flexible containers are not currently recyclable. If you are unsure, it is best to check with your local government or recycling company.

Always handle cleaning products carefully. Even when you’re getting ready to dispose of them, don’t leave them unattended in reach of children.

On America Recycles Day, we want to thank you for recycling. Cleaning product companies are committed to eliminating waste and finding ways to reuse our resources. Your help brings us one step closer.



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