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Keeping Reusable Bags Clean

You’re using reusable shopping bags – yay! Good for the earth!

But did you know that bacteria, yeast and mold can grow on your bags? And that those unwelcome growths can contaminate your food?

Here’s how to keep your bags clean while you live green.

Wash bags after each use, following the care instructions on the bags.*
Wipe the bags with disinfecting cloths, especially along the seams.
Separate the bags into food categories: raw meat, seafood, and produce. Label those bags and use them only for the right types of food.
Keep separate bags for non-food items like books, sports equipment, cleaning solutions, etc.
Dry bags completely before you store them.
Store your bags somewhere bright and dry – not the trunk of your car! It’s dark and humid in there.

*Some tips on washing: polypropylene, cotton and hemp bags can go in the washing machine. Nylon and insulated bags should be hand-washed.



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