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National Child Health Day

It’s National Child Health Day – a reminder for us all to focus on the health and safety of our kids and families. In addition to keeping germs, bacteria, and allergens at bay in our homes through routine cleaning, here are some other proven ways to help ensure our youngest family members stay out of harm’s way.

  1. Keep Your Packets Up – Single-load liquid laundry packets (also referred to as laundry pods, pacs, or packs) contain highly concentrated detergent. If not safely stored or handled properly, the laundry packets can lead to injury from ingestion or exposure to the eyes. Remember, toddlers are fast, so keep these products in a secure location out of reach and sight of young children at all times.
  2. Put Your and Your Child’s Medicines Up and Away and Out of Sight – Never leave medicines or vitamins on a counter or anywhere a young child can find them. Be sure they are always secured and put away. Never tell your child that medicine is candy, and always ask your houseguests to keep their medicines secure when they are around your kids.
  3. Review all of ACI’s home safety tips for the safe use and storage of cleaning products.


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