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Nothing to Sneeze At

Catching a cold or getting the flu is nothing to sneeze at. Besides missed school and work days (or weeks), being sick can throw a whole household off kilter, with doctor visits and trips to the pharmacy.

Cold and flu viruses are caught through the membranes in our noses, mouth, and eyes. That’s why the CDC, ACI, and others recommend frequent handwashing, particularly during cold and flu season. Something so simple can save us a lot of seasonal suffering.

Other tips:

  • Frequently use a formulated disinfectant to clean door knobs, remote controls, telephones, appliance handles, and other areas of the home that you and others touch frequently.
  • If someone in your home is ill, be sure they throw away tissues and wipe down surfaces after they’ve touched them.
  • If you think you are contagious, be respectful, stay home from school or work to prevent others from getting sick.

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