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Safe and Clean Holiday Shopping

The holidays are almost here! They may look different than in years past, but we can still find ways to show loved ones that we care. This year, small businesses are also in need of some holiday cheer. If you plan to go out shopping, here are some steps you can take to stay safe and clean.

Have a hygiene plan. Don’t forget your #safeandcleanathome routines! Wash your hands before you leave and as soon as you get home. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer along for in-between stops. You may even want to wipe down your car’s frequently-touched surfaces (like the handles, steering wheel and seatbelt buckle) when you’re done. The most effective plan is the one you set and stick to.

Set reasonable limits. More than most years, this is the year to give yourself a break. Maybe you need to pare down the list of gift recipients. Or perhaps you just pick stores where you feel comfortable with their safety precautions. The good news is that 65% of Americans feel that businesses are cleaning and disinfecting the right amount to combat COVID-19, so hopefully you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Our Healthy Returns program has resources to help these businesses stay up-to-date on cleaning and disinfecting best practices.

Follow local public health advice. By following important safety messages like wearing a mask and keeping your distance in public, in addition to hand hygiene and disinfecting practices, we can keep ourselves and our families safe while keeping local businesses open. Always make sure you’re doing your part and following expert guidance based on the level of community spread in your area.

Shop from home. Many consumers will be staying at home and browsing the web for their holiday gifts this year. If they haven’t already, retailers are rushing to invest more in digital to make sure they can meet the heightened traffic on their websites and mobile apps. Many are also pushing curbside pickup options for online orders — as a way for shoppers to quickly and safely retrieve their items.

Looking for more advice? We have lots of information on staying #SafeAndCleanAtHome as well as while traveling, running errands and commuting.



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