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Packing List for Clean and Healthy Travel

The year’s busiest and most fun travel season is finally here!  So that you can catch some rays instead of a cold, take a few small safeguards to stay clean and healthy on the road. Here are some recommended additions to your packing list:

  • Cleaning wipes or spray disinfectant – A travel size spray or pack of wipes can be great for hotel or rental surfaces like doorknobs, telephones and remote controls.
  • Hand sanitizer – For outdoor activities, throw a small bottle of sanitizer in your bag, especially when you won’t have ready access to facilities.
  • Laundry detergent – Take along some easy-to-carry laundry packets if you’re doing some away-from-home loads. Or consider packinga small detergent bottle for hand washing clothes in the sink if you don’t have a washing machine.
  • Stain-removal pen – It won’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase and can do the trick so spots don’t set in.

Also, if you’re traveling by car this summer, leave the aerosols at home! Some things are just not meant to be left out in high temperatures.

Can’t get enough clean? Find more tips here.

And add one of these attractions to your bucket list!

Clean the World Foundation has opened The Soap Story, an interactive soap museumin Orlando!

The textile museum at George Washington University in Washington, DC, can show you how to wash antique fabrics.

And, in St. Petersburg, Russia, you’ll find the Hygiene Museum, with exhibits, models and waxworks about the importance of keeping clean.



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