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Want to Avoid Colds and Flu? Read This.

Most germs are spread through the air through coughing, sneezing and even breathing. And, of course we know that germs can be transferred from person to person through contact (think handshakes, kisses, and hugs). And as the holidays approach, we’ll be doing a lot of hugging and kissing. Keep the following in mind, as these tips can help you avoid getting sick this year!

  • At home, clean your doorknobs, appliance handles and other things you touch all the time! Keep containers of wipes all around your home for convenience.
  • Hopefully, you’ve heard this one before: wash your hands early and often. Handwashing is the best way to get rid of germs and stop them from spreading to others.
  • If you do get sick, stay home! A cough can spread germs 6-8 feet, so it’s important for all of us to do our part to keep illnesses from circulating all winter.

Curious about how many germs are in a sneeze or how fast they travel? Read this!

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