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What’s the #1 Cleaning Product We Have in Our Homes?

According to ACI’s 2019 American Cleaning Survey, 98 percent of households regularly stock cleaning products at home. That’s great news because clean = happy and healthy. Cleaning the surfaces in our homes and our possessions not only keeps them in good condition, but also removes dirt, germs, allergens, dust, mold and bacteria that can make us sick.

What’s the number one product that is stocked in 83% of our homes? According to the survey, the answer is a toilet or bathroom cleaner (which makes sense since bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the house). Other things we usually have at home at all times are multi-purpose spray cleaners (77%), window cleaners (74%), multi-purpose surface wipes (62%), wood or furniture polish (49%) and carpet cleaners (45%).

What other products do you have in your cleaning closet?



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