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Winter Cleaning Challenge: Road Salt

This winter has already seen its share of storms and ice (if you live in the parts of the country that actually have a winter). One of the biggest cold-weather cleaning challenges is road salt. It’s great for keeping roads safe in an ice or snowstorm, but it can pose a real challenge for floors, cars and clothes.

How do you get salt out of the places where it isn’t wanted?

If it isn’t cleaned up properly, road salt tracked in on shoes can damage various types of flooring, such as hardwood and laminate floors, by scratching them and eating through protective coatings. To clean them, use floor cleaner and a microfiber mop.

Cars really take a beating from road salt and other deicing solutions. Not only does it make cars look dirty – those telltale white streaks and splatters! – but it could actually damage the car.  The good news is most deicing solutions can be removed with water. Once the weather is above freezing you can use a garden hose with a spray nozzle and hose off the salt. For stubborn streaks, and to remove the salt from the undercarriage, a visit to the carwash is in order.

Did you accidentally brush up against your streaky car and end up with salt on your clothes? Water-repellant clothes like boots and coats can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth. For other clothes, read the label to choose the best cleaning method  possible to avoid permanent staining. If the item can be washed at home, rinse the salt-stained area in cold water and soak overnight if needed. Then wash them as you normally would.

Spring is around the corner – we promise!  We have seen daffodils blooming in the DC area!




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