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7 Tips for Keeping Your Cleaning Products in A Safe Place

Keep your cleaning products locked away and out of reach from young kids. That’s Parenting 101, right? You don’t need to read this post to know that.

But we’re all busy, and homes are complex, dynamic places where things don’t always stay in their place. Here are some extra precautions you can take to ensure that your cleaning products don’t end up in little hands or mouths.

Store products in their original containers, and keep original labels intact – you can find use, storage and disposal instructions there, as well as first aid instructions in case of an emergency.

Put products up and away immediately after you finish using them.

Close all containers tightly.

Lock and store all cleaning products in high places.

Keep your focus when using household products. Don’t get distracted!

Clean any spills immediately.

Do not store cleaning products in cups, soda bottles or anything that is associated with eating or drinking.

Please post your tips to share with other parents how you keep products safe in your house!



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    Gerty Gift

    I really liked that you mentioned keeping the chemicals in their original containers. I didn’t realize that they had instructions like that on there, but it would be really helpful to me since I wouldn’t know all of those procedures off the top of my head. Thank you for all of the advice about storing these cleaning products.


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