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Be Clean and Happy in 2019!

As we all know, some New Year’s Resolutions are easier to keep than others. Experts say the best way to make a resolution stick is to start small and keep it simple. Here are a few small household cleaning resolutions that will help keep your family clean and happy all year.

  • Pick a day and time once a week to clean door knobs, faucets, and handles throughout your house. Think sinks, toilets, doors, and cabinets! A disinfectant wipe should make it go quickly!
  • Set aside time for everyone in the house to find some items to donate. You’ll actually have fewer things to clean, and you’ll feel better for doing it.
  • Create stylish cleaning storage! Cleaning products don’t have to reside in an old bucket. Find a cool caddy or bring the family together to personalize one. Pick up some cute gloves and colorful accessories, and you’ll love bringing them out to clean.
  • Just dust. Work your way around your home removing the dust under and behind furniture, on carpets, and, everywhere in-between. Where does dust come from, anyway? Here’s your answer.

Clean and Happy New Year!



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