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How to Keep Workout Clothes Clean

We put our workout clothes through their paces – spinning, yoga, running, zumba – especially this time of year! And let’s face it: even after laundry day, you can often still smell the sweat from your intense workouts. What’s the best way to clean workout clothes to keep them smelling and looking fresh?

Workout clothes, which are stretchy and wick sweat away, are usually made of synthetic fabrics that hold on to odors longer than other clothes. These fabrics are also more delicate than other materials and need special treatment. Plus, they’re expensive, and we want them to last as long as possible.

Here are some tips for keeping your athleisurewear clean and smelling fresh:

  1. Wash after each workout! Don’t leave these damp clothes in your gym bag or let them pile up in the hamper.
  2. Use the recommended amount of detergent, not more. Excess detergent won’t get washed out, but will instead build up, trap odors in and allow mildew to grow.
  3. Turn your workout clothes inside out when you wash them.
  4. Use cold water. Hot water can potentially cause shrinkage.
  5. Air dry to avoid shrinkage, pillage and melting.

And now, get back to exercising.



  1. t
    the bespoke laundry

    I got to a gym but sometimes clothes smell very bad because of a lot of sweat but now I will try this trick for my gym clothes.


  2. S
    Sabrina Addams

    My husband loves going to the gym each morning before work, so we are trying to figure out the best way to keep his quality workout clothes staying nice and clean. Thank you for your tips to turn the clothes inside out when washing them, and use cold water to keep them from shrinking. It would be nice to find a wash and iron service in Brighton, VIC to keep his most expensive clothes nice.


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