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Latest Laundry Detergent Innovations

Whether you’re looking to keep your athletic wear looking and smelling great or making sure your white shirts look their whitest when you go back out into the world, there’s a laundry detergent to help. Choosing a laundry detergent used to be picking a liquid or powder. Now there are specialty detergents designed for swimsuits, dark clothes and more. But what does it all mean?

Do you need a shelf full of specialty laundry detergents? The short answer is that no, you don’t NEED more than one all-purpose laundry detergent. It will get your clothes clean like it always has. And detergents are becoming more efficient and effective every day, so it’s likely your favorite detergent continues to get even better. You may, however, WANT a specialty detergent.

Innovations in detergent formulations have come a long way and are leading to products that work really well for particular needs and fabrics. Detergents for white clothes have a bluing agent that counteracts any yellowing to make them look brighter and whiter, so they last more than a season. A detergent designed for cashmere could mean that you no longer have to get your favorite sweater dry cleaned. Using the best detergent for the job can help extend the life of your favorite clothes.

The next time you’re getting detergent, consider some of these new options. The best part is that the choice is yours.



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