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Put Some Money in the Cookie Jar with These Saving Tips

April is Financial Awareness Month. While many families are focused on long-term saving for retirement, college tuition and other life events, there are small things you can do every day to save money on cleaning. According to ACI’s 2019 National Cleaning Survey, 30 percent of us are buying less expensive cleaning products lately. Here are some other ways you can can put some extra money in your cookie jar.

  1. When possible, purchase refills which are less expensive than buying an entirely new package and also save a container from going straight to the recycling bin. 39 percent of us are using refills these days!
  2. This one is simple – use all of the product in a box or bottle before tossing it!
  3. Don’t use more product than is needed. Be sure to read the label on laundry and dish detergent, for example, so that your product washes as many loads as possible.
  4. Clean sponges so that you can keep using them until their time is up.
  5. When using a wipe for a quick clean up, keep wiping until the cleaner is used up. And don’t forget to use the cleaning liquid that remains at the bottom of the container after all the wipes are gone! Use it to clean your sink and faucets, or anything else that needs a shine.

And, don’t for get the stand-by of using coupons at check-out (34 percent of us do)! What are some of your other money-saving tips? Share them with us!



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