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Safe Cleaning Product Storage Hacks

It is a crazy time to be a parent! There are so many things on your plate already and then you add on top everything that comes with the pandemic. So this Baby Safety Month, we want to share some ideas on how to store cleaning products in a way that both makes your life easier and helps keep your family safe:

  • Organize cleaning products by where they’ll be used. It may help to separate them into containers or baskets accordingly. This could be organized by room or by cleaning task (i.e., deep cleaning vs. light touch-ups vs. stain removal).
  • Find a place up and away to store these products, because kids are curious and accidents can happen in an instant. Perhaps hand sanitizers can go in a hall closet, near the front door so they can be grabbed on your way out. Laundry detergents can go in a cabinet over the washer or dryer.
  • Tie or tape a list of cleaning tasks to the baskets so you can remember them all and knock them out quickly. To tackle a room more efficiently, try to clean from the top down. This is also a great place to put cleaning safety reminders, like not to leave products within reach of children – even while you’re using them. Include your local poison control number at the bottom, just to be safe. On that note, always keep cleaning products in their original containers so you’ll have the information the poison control center needs if you ever have to call.
  • Tuck a towel or roll of paper towels with the cleaning supplies, so you can find everything you need in one spot. For cloth, replace with a clean towel when putting the cleaning supplies away and toss the used one directly into the laundry. You’ll thank yourself next time!

That’s our list of hacks. Anything we missed? Comment below!



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