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Safe Spring Cleaning With Kids

The days are getting longer and spring is around the corner… which means spring cleaning is here! It’s great to get kids involved, yet there are a few safety precautions you should be aware of if your little ones are pitching in.

Have them focus on tasks that don’t include cleaning solutions, such as vacuuming, emptying trash bags, organizing books and toys, and dusting with a feather or cloth duster. Always think safety and keep an eye on your kids when they are helping you clean up.

Make sure they know how to wash their hands thoroughly after engaging in any cleaning activity.

As you’re cleaning, be sure to keep cleaning products out of little hands. Never let younger kids handle cleaning products; store them up and out of sight and reach of children. Keep all cleaning solutions in their original container and be sure they’re securely closed before storing them. Lastly, put everything away as soon as you’re done.

With some simple precautions, cleaning can actually be a fun and safe family activity! Turn up some music and make a game out of it by hiding objects and rewarding the kids when they find them while cleaning. You’ll appreciate the help, and they’ll pick up some great habits.



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