Smell That? It’s Happiness!

One of the closest things we have to a time machine is our nose. Seriously.

Scents can instantly transport us to happy memories and places. The fragrance of fresh flowers can remind you of a special Valentine’s Day, or the smell of fresh-baked cookies can bring you back to a family kitchen from childhood.

Don’t just take it from us: it’s science! The part of your brain that receives info about smells is connected to the areas of the brain that deal with emotions.

So, if you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, these universal scents can actually improve your well-being:

Lavender: Calm your mind and body with this scent. Have trouble sleeping? Use a lavender-scented detergent for your sheets and pillows to help you relax.

Pine: Take a mental stroll through the forest with this scent, which can reduce anxiety. Create a path to Zen by using pine-scented floor cleaner.

Citrus: Bright scents like lemon and orange can help rev you up by increasing energy and alertness. Bring a vibrant mood to your home by using citrus-scented products.

Vanilla: Vanilla is anything but bland. This scent can increase feelings of joy and relaxation. It can also trigger your brain to release serotonin, a hormone that helps you feel satisfied and happy.

Peppermint: Get some pep in your step! This fresh scent can help with concentration and motivation and elevate your mood. Get positive vibes with a spritz of mint-scented cleaner on office items like a desk or shelves.

Using cleaning products with these fresh scents can be a win-win. You’ll tidy your home and feel good doing it!



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