Want Your Clothes to Last Longer?

When it comes to doing laundry, sometimes we just get too busy to measure the detergent, sort colors and fabrics, or check clothes for stains before we throw them in the wash. It’s natural to want to just “get it done” but a few quick steps can help keep your favorite machine washable garments looking better and lasting longer – even when you put them in the dryer!

For example, did you know that by washing small and large items together, clothes can move around more freely, resulting in better washing? That you can add a water softener to help counteract the long-term effects of hard-water washing? And, that your washer may have more settings and cycles to help you custom wash each load?

This new resource from the American Cleaning Institute shows more of what you need to know, including the different types of products available for your individual laundry needs.

These helpful pieces from Better Homes & Gardens and CheatSheet.com also offer some helpful hints and tips for getting your wash done right and making your clothes last.

Happy washing!



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