Which Scents Bring You Joy?

As the seasons change, do you change the fragrances in your home?

The use and enjoyment of fragrances has endured throughout the centuries, from the rituals of ancient cultures to the products designed to enhance our homes and meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyles.  In fact, as we celebrate the arrival of “May Flowers,” the use of scented products offers a beneficial and purposeful way to add to the quality of our home life— and reflects a tradition as old as humankind.

The fragrance industry is a multi-faceted one, with fine fragrances holding a celebrity status within it. But beyond the lure of the perfume bottle, fragrances are closely aligned with the benefits of other products. Fragrances contained in cleaning products— from hand soap to laundry detergents to surface cleaners for the bathroom—encourage their proper use and are considered an important aspect of product quality by consumers.

Which scents bring you joy?

Fragrances make clothes smell “clean”, living rooms “pretty” and households “well kept.” Scents make using cleaning products more fun and enjoyable – and ultimately contribute to our overall cleanliness and general health.

For more tips on promoting wellness and good feelings around cleaning go to https://www.cleaninginstitute.org/understanding-products/why-clean/promoting-wellness.



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